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Uro-Drain Bag

Description Product Number Unit Of Measure
Uroview 2000/2500 Drain Bag with Clip VMC60-5000 20/CA
Contain Collection Bag VMC60-5010 10/CA
Uro Catcher Drain Bag Fits Hoop Style VMC60-5300 20/CA
Uroview 2000/2500 Uro Drain Bag VMC60-5417 20/CA
Hoop Drain Bag 2600/2800 with Tabs VMC60-5419 20/CA
Uroview 2600/2800 Hoop Drain Bag with Adapters VMC60-5419-8AN 20/CA
Urology Drain Bag for Siemens VMC60-5442 20/CA